The Board of Directors/Secretariat and coordinator positions for the Northern Plains Via de Cristo of North Dakota are as follows:

Executive Committee

Lay Director—Dee Jensen

Asst. Lay Director—vacant

Secretary—Rhonda Hawley

Finance Director—Teresa Houkom

Spiritual Director—Rev Andrew Schlecht

Spiritual Director—Rev Judy Holmen


Along with the Executive Committee the following are elected members of the Council:

Operations Director—vacant

Communications / PR Director—Lori Bakken

Leadership/ Training and Development Director—Sue Houkom

Directors at Large (2)

                    Shar Gumke

One position is vacant

​Committees (non-Council positions appointed by the Council)

Under the Lay Director oversees

Nominating Committee*

Visioning Committee* (Lay Director, Asst. Lay Director +4 people)

          Dona Schock

Rector Selection Committee*

Site Selection Committee*—vacant


Asst Lay Director oversees

(Note—we combined these two committees)

Outreach Committee*—Dee Jensen

Ultreya/Liaison Committee*


Secretary oversees

Procedures and Documentation*

                    Sue, Teresa, Dee and Lori


Finance Director oversees

            Treasurer*—Rhonda Hawley

            Finance Committee*


Operations Director oversees



Information Coordinator*—vacant



Music Coordinator*—Paula Duval

Allocations Coordinator*—vacant


Communications / PR Director oversees



Website*—Andrew Schlecht


(*Appointed by the Council)

By-Laws of the Northern Plains Via de Cristo of North Dakota

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